First steps to school

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At Poppy and Jack’s, we know that there is a huge step between nursery and school, which is why we provide the ‘Little School Programme’. Little School allows your child to take little steps to school, preparing them academically, creatively and socially. Giving them the right environment and support to flourish and achieve at their own pace.

The Little School programme is tailored to your child’s needs and development, following their interests and ensuring an environment where they are excited to take their next steps. Not letting them take a leap into the unfamiliar but by guiding them through until they have the confidence to do it themselves.

The Little School children will follow a book-based adventure with some time-honoured classics such as Hans Christian Andersen, Dr Seuss and Judith Kerr. Our creative Practitioners will take your child on an exciting adventure, whether they are making a mess with the ‘The Cat in the Hat’ or saving the planet with Michael Recycle, they will be learning fundamental skills such as numeracy, language and problem-solving.

Make sure your child isn’t thrown into the unknown on their first day of school, take the right steps to school with Poppy & Jack’s Little School.

Take a look at the steps they will take while in Little School.


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