Our Schools

Little School

Little school supports children on their important transition to school offering a bespoke curriculum truly giving Poppy & Jack’s children the best start in education. With a sense of pride our Little School children follow their Early Year’s teacher through a book based adventure. Learning phonics, early maths and building confidence and independence for their next adventure to big school.

Forest School

In 2016 we launched Poppy & Jack’s Go Wild following the explosion of Scandinavian based outdoor nurseries. Our participating nurseries have forest school trained staff that build the outdoors into our core offering. Groups of children are taken on daily adventures with their forest school leader. We incorporate learning in a safe and secure outdoor environment, where we believe free play, fresh air, exposure to the natural world and physical activity are an integral part of learning. In the great outdoors children’s imaginations are free to run wild.

Little Chefs

We encourage our children to actively contribute to enjoying mealtimes at Poppy & Jack’s by offering Little Chefs as part of our core curriculum. Our nursery garden offers plenty of opportunities to plant and grow throughout the year. Whilst our home corner has exciting transformations from supermarkets to Michelin star restaurants. We have a full time chef and take our inspiration from the leading children’s nutritionist Annabel Karmel. Children enjoy the social experience of meal times, learning the important skills of using cutlery, setting the table and enjoying meal times with their friends. Ask for a copy of our menu to see how delicious our meals truly are.

Little Artists

Poppy & Jack’s has lots of budding artists. We encourage and nurture creativity throughout the day. Our art, workshop and malleable areas offer a rich and stimulating environment for children to build confidence and independence with a variety of different art materials and resources.