Meet our amazing staff members!

Our team

We are extremely proud of each and every member of our Poppy & Jack’s team. Hand selected for their passion and dedication to Early Years we love, and we are extremely proud of every single member of our team. From our passionate childcare professionals to our cooks and our cleaners we couldn’t provide such fantastic quality childcare without their help. We think this is what makes our group unique as every member of our team delivers their very best every single day.

Here are just a few of our bios so you can see how we’re committed to providing quality childcare for your children. We know what an important decision it is choosing the right childcare provider and we would like to thank you for your support.

Founder & Managing Director

Well I never really planned to be writing this 20 years ago working on Big Brother for a TV production company in London but it’s amazing how children change everything. I was brought up on a farm surrounded by fields and imagination into a loving family where I was encouraged to be anything I wanted to be. For our Poppy & Jack’s children I want just that. What starts as an idea becomes a dream, a dream becomes reality and reality is anything that we make it. Our children take their first steps with us and we are already immensely proud of every milestone we share. Our nurseries are set around a home from home environment, we believe children grow in confidence in nurturing surroundings, with a team that genuinely cares. It’s hard to prescribe what our children will be in the future, but confidence, friendships, resilience and independence are going to be important skills to provide the versatility for those important next steps. I only set out to open one nursery for my own children Tom and Daisy in 2009 but as that team became self-sufficient the next nursery arrived. Then the next one opened and at that point I was surrounded by the start of an amazing Poppy & Jack’s team. Our growth has enabled us to put in place a team of professionals offering our nurseries additional training and specialist support which I now can’t imagine how I ever survived without. My passion for Early Years has grown from hard work and commitment to want to provide the best possible childcare. My mum did a fantastic job for us as I will do my very best for you.

Director of Childcare

Alex joined out team as we recognised the opportunity to invest heavily in the training and upskilling our childcare team so they could feel rewarded and valued. Alex is a qualified QTS specialising further as an Early Years Teacher in 2014. For our children to learn we wanted to provide the same nurturing and learning environment for our practitioner and childcare managers. We felt there was no better place to start than Alex as a current Ofsted inspector who had also 10 years Early Year’s teaching experience. The team themselves would describe Alex as passionate and inspiring with an exciting drive that makes the nurseries a fun place to be. The Ofsted inspection framework changed in September 2019 becoming more focused on teaching and learning. We are proud to share that our Poulton nursery team has been awarded Ofsted Outstanding for the second time under the new framework in November 2019 showing that Alex and her team are an extremely valuable support. Alex has a family of her own with 2 boys that add a lovely dimension to Alex’s love and care for the Early Years age group. Most of all Alex brings an immense amount of fun, care and passion to our Early Year’s children with a solid knowledge of Early Years development bringing the X Factor to our Early Years teaching and learning. 

Emma Stewart, Early Years Consultant

Emma has been in the Poppy & Jack’s family since she arrived just like Mary Poppins one sunny Spring morning. Following a fantastic career as an Early Years Teacher, Emma joined us ready for our next adventure. Along with Emma came her beautiful daughter Layla. Emma’s drive to make the best childcare for her very own daughter supported our Warrington nursery to Outstanding in 2018. When we created our Early Year’s team there was nobody better than Emma to roll out our Little School, Little Artist and Little Stars curriculum across our nurseries. Emma shows just how fantastic she leads a team by the confidence, nurture and care our nursery team emulate under her leadership and management. 

Natalie Bell, Early Years Consultant

Natalie joined our Early Years Consulting team in September with an excellent knowledge of children’s development and a focus on staff and children’s well- being. Natalie has supported her knowledge with a foundation degree in Early Childhood Studies. Natalie is so enthusiastic and positive and gives everything she can to provide outstanding childcare for all our children. With a lovely patient nature our childcare practitioners are extremely well supported and encouraged to develop and grow. Alongside a multitude of other training Natalie is working with our teams to extend our cultural capital with her forest school and well-being training. Natalie’s little boy has just taken his first steps to school, so she truly understands all the important milestones that are essential for school readiness and as a mum how a well-supported early years wellness programme and curriculum make all the difference.

Helen Royle, Early Years Consultant

Since 2004 Helen has been building her excellent knowledge of Early Years. Following a BA Hons in Primary Education and her EYP Helen has helped both Kids Allowed and Monkey Puzzle grow outstanding teams. Helen came on board with a lovely mix of both regulation and Outstanding practice – we just had to have her as part of our team. Most of all we are extremely excited by the support, breadth of knowledge and dedication Helen shares with us all. It is an absolute delight to work with Helen and with her support our teams get better and better. Now you may think this is a recurring theme, but Helen also has a daughter Esme who is brimming with confidence – Helen makes our Early Year’s team complete and we just all love working together. We think it is important to be mums too so that we can help support and understand the Poppy & Jack’s families we are privileged to be a part of.